Review in Slate by Laura Miller

Grateful to Laura Miller for situating The Point of Vanishing in the context of a larger literary tradition.  Here's the link.  

One of the "Hot Five" in the Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Point of Vanishing was chosen as the hot book in the Minneapolis Star Tribune's round-up of exciting new work in film, TV, music, visual art, and literature.  Here's the link.  And here's an excerpt.

"Howard Axelrod’s memoir “The Point of Vanishing” is beautiful in its intensity, searing in its pain. Axelrod, 20-year-old golden boy at Harvard, stops by the gym to shoot hoops, and just like that, his life changes...His eventual solution is to withdraw from the world in order to figure it out anew, and his place in it. It’s a breathtaking read."

Great review in the Portland Press Herald

Here's the link and here's an excerpt:

"Occasionally a book comes along that has the power to transport readers to a place that many of us, I believe, wonder about, if only in the darkest moments of the night. Howard Axelrod’s memoir, “The Point of Vanishing,” was such a book for me.

It is a brave book. It is also finely crafted, which is what enables it to carry the reader step by step into a dark but illuminating interior space..."

--Frank O Smith

Interview on The Moncrieff Show on NewsTalk Radio (Dublin)

Enjoyed this interview on live Irish radio.  To listen, skip ahead about ¾ through the gray playback bar at the top of the screen on this link.  If you have time, listen to the opening of segment four of the show, too.  Apparently, listeners were keen to know whether the author has a beard.  (At the moment, he doesn't.)

Interview with Grub Street

My interview with Grub Street, where I've had the pleasure of teaching for the past few years, is now up on their Grub Daily blog.  My thanks to Alison Murphy for an engaging conversation.  Here's the link.